Storm Preparedness – Securing Outside Your Home

Storm Preparedness – Securing Outside Your Home

In the situation of climate change currently, the risk of the occurrence of dangerous weather such as heavy rain, intense sun, or cold… is unavoidable. Every year, most of the countries especially Asia have experienced periods of bad weather and the important thing you need to do is take the time to prepare family, pets and your homeland to cope with them.  The following suggestions will advise on the items you should have in an emergency supply kit and a safe haven before, during and after the event took place in bad weather.

Things to do

Storm Preparedness

  • Check the entire housing and repairs if any signs of deterioration.  Some locations in the house may appear foolish, waterproof as doors, windows, ceilings, attic.  If found to be damaged or the appearance of holes, looking for quick repairing solutions. Fortified homes to increase steadily to prevent storms, tropical depressions; check the drainage system to prevent any unclog if necessary.
  • Should store enough food for several days.  Especially need to prepare dry foods, ready meals, and fresh water, water bottled may be used in at least three days.
  •  Check and prepare the light sources such as flashlights, kerosene lamps, candles … Prepare necessary drugs like cold medicine, diarrhea medicine, oil, the wind, bandage.
  • Clean gutters in early time to ensure it can offer the best working condition, make sure it is downspouts thoroughly. In that way, your gutters will be in the best condition to handle the rains fall. This is also the time to find out whether you will need to repair or replace the gutters to ensure the wet weather no matter what the season it is, also ensures the gutters would not be overloaded the roof or affect the status of infiltration.

Check for vehicle

Storm Preparedness-Check for vehicle

Since most of the cars are not designed for amphibious on rainy days, flooding or storm. Therefore, it is extremely necessarily to have the fundamental preparation to protect your car safety, minimize the damage.

Rainwater contains corrosive acid compounds detail, leading to damage in some situation in some unexpected way, it would have left a negative impact on safety elements of the vehicle.  Care needs to pay extra attention during the rainy season so there are separate concerns.

There are many details of the vehicle should be checked before the rainy seasonFor the care and maintenance of the car at home, ensure operational safety and maintaining better driver in extreme weather conditions.

Check for outdoor furniture and garden

Do you have some furniture serving the outdoor activities of summer, autumn?

  • To help protect the furniture, against the harsh weather elements during storm or rainy, you will need to take care of arrangements and bring them into the repository to be used again for the following year.  Also similar to some outdoor items, fountains, and children’s toys
  • In the next few months, you should make sure that the lawn and garden in the best shape to be able to pass the harsh season weather. If you love green, green paired with a lawn, you should consider the care and fertilizer to maintain grassy autumn beauty.  Additional nutrients and plant roots to penetrate your lawn when grass was used actively during the summer and has the most.
  • Create a groove around the garden systems for each plant, ensure rapid drainage if the rains continue, reducing soil moisture while flooding.

Storm Shelter

If there are some available spaces or a spare lot, you can move the crops, vegetable bent down when the rain moved into the house if those plants are modifiable.  Simple way also helps you sleep better because of successful assurance when your plants are finally in the condition of safely protected.

 If there are no extra spaces, try another method which tied or attach the trees or pillars on the terrace in the corner area, to prevent and minimalize or lessen affected by rainstorms. It would be helpful when gale storm and your trees are safe.

Pots put on the shelves will easily tip or drop downwards crop damage when high winds.  For safety reason, the vegetable pots which put on high stories, strong winds will cause those plants or vegetable easily broken to pieces.

So, before the storm about to come, you should lower the pots, cans of vegetables on the shelves down to minimize the consequences when the wind to rain.

It is no matter how much you love your trees, and your good care brings it up to high and too big, it might be insecurity and injury to the surround if the storm comes. In order to protect trees and prevent the case is said to be the unfortunate can happen, the trees need to have a little cut or trimmed, cut down the trees decay before the rainy season, storms still considered an urgent solution.

A warm reminder, taking care of any things which easily flying outside your garden, it is not only causing trouble to your own but also around your space, it might be your lovely neighbor. Preparing to survive from storm might not be easy, but calmly prepare step by step, you would definitely get over it. Good luck to you! 

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