How to store and care for Incubation Eggs

The success of any hatching process is dependent on a variety of factors and one of the most important one is the condition of the eggs that you will set on the incubator for hatching. But the condition of eggs is also dependent on how well you take care of them and store them before incubation. If you don’t pay attention to how you handle your incubation eggs, you may end up wasting your time setting the wrong eggs which can be compared to getting the wrong seed and then planting it in a fertile ground accompanied by favorable weather conditions. The end result will be that you will fail to get the best harvest not because the soil or weather conditions were unfavorable but because the seed was bad.

In hatching, eggs are your seed and you need to ensure that the seed is handled properly so as to guarantee excellent and satisfactory hatching results. This article seeks to share with you some of the things you will need to do to ensure that your eggs are in their best condition to hatch healthy chicks. Some of the best practices that will help you achieve this ideal and they are shared in the remaining sections of this article.

Incubation Eggs

Proper eggs collection

This is where everything begins. You need to collect hatching eggs there times a day. When the temperatures are above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, you can increase the collection to five tomes per day.

Use clean eggs

Another issue to take care of is the cleanliness of the eggs. Make sure that you use eggs that are as clean as possible. Avoid dirty eggs and if the eggs are a little bit soiled, then you can use them without washing them.

Do not wash dirty eggs

egg incubators

This caution is a buildup on the previous point and it should be observed to the letter. The reason here is that if you try to clean a dirty egg especially using waiter and a piece of cloth, you will end up weakening its protective membrane. When this membrane is destroyed, the eggs become vulnerable to the infiltration of germs and this will drastically reduce the hatching prospects of the eggs. But if it is a must you clean eggs, then use egg wash.

Turning before incubation

It is possible for you to harvest incubation eggs and you don’t set them in the incubator the same day. When this happens and the eggs are not set within the first 4 or 6 days, you are supposed to keep changing the position of the eggs once every day until the time you will set them in the incubator.

Plan your storage periods properly

Another way of taking care of hatching eggs is to ensure that you don’t overstore them. This means that you need to set the eggs in the incubator not more than 7 days after the eggs were collected. This is because after the first week, the possibility of eggs hatching drastically drops. By the time the eggs have stayed 21 days before being incubated, their hatching chances will have dropped to nil and hence you need to plan the most ideal time of collecting hatching eggs so that you don’t store them for too long.

Parting shot

The way you store and take care of eggs before setting them will significantly affects their ability to hatch. Make sure that you store your eggs for not more than 7 days and store them in the recommended atmospheric conditions. You should also avoid washing dirty eggs it exposes them to the penetration of germs. If you follow these tips, you will increase the chances of the eggs hatching healthy chicks.

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