Solar Energy Home: The “Do-It-Yourself” Solar Panels

DIY solar panels

If you are quick to make your own particular Solar Energy Home, you may well have considered DIY sun oriented boards. All things considered, while I cheer you longing to have a sunlight based vitality house, let me caution you that you won’t spare cash by making your own particular sun based boards. Let’s take a gander at why.

Expense of a “Do It Yourself” Solar Panel

Let’s disregard the expense of your time. Here is a rundown of the materials required:

  • Clear Plexiglas or low iron sun-powered glass
  • Solar cell unit 119 dollars, including:
  • fifty Solar cells each 3 x 6 inch
  • ten feature selecting wire and ten feature transport wire,
  • Flux pen and weld
  • Peg board two boards 2 x 2 feet: 5 dollars
  • Clear silicone caulk: 3 dollars
  • Junction boxes: 5 dollars
  • Paint, stainless screws, wood for casing 10 dollars
  • Diodes: 3 dollars

Absolute expense of this item is about 202 dollars. Take off 20 dollars for the ten additional sunlight based cells that are not required, gives a sum of 182 dollars for the materials to make a sixty-watt sun based board. This works out to 3 dollars per watt.

DIY solar panels kits

Expense of Factory Made Panels

On the off chance that you do an easygoing hunt on the Internet, most sun oriented boards work out at 5 – 7 dollars per W. Yet, we ferreted around and found a 120W board for 358 dollars retail, comparable to 2.98 dollars per W. There are additionally various wholesalers willing to offer direct to people in general, and least request amounts can be as low as two boards. We found a 225 W sun-powered board wholesale for 549 dollars (min request two boards), equal to 2.44 dollars per W.

Notices and Dangers of DIY Solar Panels

Likewise, in the event that you are considering making your own particular sun oriented boards to cut the expense of your sun based vitality house, please know about the accompanying:

  • In the United State, you won’t be permitted to interface your home made sun based boards to the lattice. On the off chance that you need your sun-powered vitality house to be associated with the matrix, you should utilize sun oriented boards with UL confirmation. Numerous nations have comparable controls.
  • Commercially produced sun based boards accompany twenty-five-year execution ensures. DIY sunlight based boards have no assurances and will most likely last only a couple of years, best case scenario.
  • With any home-made sun based board there is a danger of flame from low-quality binding. On the off chance that your DIY sunlight based board lighted and brought about flame harm to your home, your insurance agency may be somewhat hesitant to pay out for a flame created by the sun powered board that did not have UL affirmation.
  • And the last nail in the casket of a home-made sun based vitality house: in the US, home-made sunlight based boards won’t meet all requirements for the critical discounts and duty credits that are accessible.

On the off chance that you need sun oriented boards for your sun-powered vitality house and need a framework that is sheltered, dependable, meets all requirements for refunds and will truly cut your power bills, overlook DIY. DIY can be an awesome prolog to understanding having a sun-oriented vitality house, however, it is not a suitable other option to manufacturing plant made sunlight based boards.

Make a Solar Panel as a Science or DIY Project

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you need to make your own Do It Yourself Solarparticular sun oriented board as a science venture, this can be fun, fulfilling and extremely compensating. On the finish, you will likewise have a sun-powered board you can flaunt to your companions and something you could use to give light to a yard, shed or shed.

On the off chance that you need to make a sunlight based board as a science venture, consider purchasing one of the “how to make sun oriented boards” guides. Some of these are great and make a magnificent showing with regards to of indicating you what to do, how to do it and when to do. Yes, an aide will include 40 – 50 dollars to the expense, however, that could be cash exceptionally well spent, simply don’t succumb to all the promoting buildup!


On the off chance that you need a sun based vitality home and to lessen your power bills, overlook the DIY course. In any case, in spite of the fact that you won’t spare cash or lessen your power charge, making a sun-powered board as a feature of a science undertaking ought to be exceptionally fulfilling and instructive. In the event that you would prefer not to spend the 40 – 50 dollars for one of the DIY sunlight based board guides, there is a considerable measure of data on the Internet. I wish each accomplishment with your Solar Energy Home

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