Recording for Culinary Discovery in Portugal

Recording for Culinary Discovery in Portugal

Carried out even after the plane then I do not even have any idea about “what to eat, what to see, what to play” in Porto or Portugal .. Take the go.

In fact even after the plane then I would not find its concept of “What to eat, what to see, what to play” in Porto or Portugal .. Take the go.

Portugal- my next part of the sign in the West

The reason I chose Portugal for the next part of the sign in the West because this is the point at people traveling to Europe should choose strange elements will be set up first. But to think the same, strange stories will probably attract attention and excite you more.

 Stemming from a friend in Porto – Portugal said on a dorm room availability for one week at the cost of more than 100 euros have kitchens to cook, living room, laundry room and spacious bathrooms. A group of friends we meet and make decisions quickly: Go.Portuguese-Cuisine

  • It should be added that although it is 0 airfares to carefully euros I still buy insurance, baggage charges, in addition to the standard laptop, the total of all three children to and took just over 60 euros.
  • I go online Hertz car rental agency within one week; the children put the car of 115 hatchback euros for the car and a few dozen euros more money for car insurance in the first full week. Vehicles will be taken as soon as the plane in Porto. What about renting a car later I also have something to tell you more, and the experience took blood and bones.

 In fact even after the plane then I would not find its concept of “What to eat, what to see, what to play” in Porto or Portugal .. Take the go. Thought as to where time counts, Trouble at check into the room knows no Net. New World is sad.

After about 2-3 hours the evening something they reach us also arrive. Porto Seguro airport follows my comments only reach its reach Noi Bai or slightly larger than it was in the books as one of the largest Portuguese ports.

  • Portuguese Restaurants cuisineThe station to port saw its first female Hertz vans it forward, jump up there to make parking vehicles that range from 500m. Affordable enough such vehicles from Skoda, Peugeots, senior VW to Audi, Mercedes or BMW … and enough size. My car is a Skoda leasing Roomster lines have been washed clean, filled with petrol (when you also have to pay back to the company to fill it). Finished making procedures we admire it.
  • What of us outside the apartment common areas as described above, it turns out there are three separate bedrooms. At that time, apart from us moved, the manager said that she had a German man and a Brazilian in again. Bathing is done, we went out in the street with the appointment a lovely restaurant near the river Douro.

The so lovely and warm bar too, situated in the small alley that looks straight out of the path along the river Douro in the Ribeira. Withering yellow light, only slightly deserted street echoing folklore music from both sides rushed shop hopes to amnesty, then melt away very bureaucratic glaze boys on the river …

Impression of Portugal

The first impression of Portugal or Porto namely come to me slowly, helped soothe and diffuse as taste the famous Porto wine I’ve ever known. Riverwalk with simple hut, the antenna undulating pan.

  • Strengths of Portuguese cuisine are still fish, and shrimp seafood are processed very rustic, and anything is added lemon. The fresh map should eat very delicious, the wine in Portugal is also very tasty.

As the second largest city of Portugal, outside Lisbon, the Porto also advised to visit interesting is if you have the opportunity to visit the country this dish sweet wines.

  • Returning to alcohol, it is considered as the land of wine Porto in Portugal.
  • Produced from the 15th century, then mostly exported to England. This wines of the Douro River is five common types (classified by color and five years). But you just understand me as it were red and white.
  • The sweet-tasting drink is relatively dark; usually only used for drinking an aperitif (aperitif) or for cocktails. So, the two vertical sides of the river Douro, filled with billboards for this wine label.

The A to Z of Portuguese Food

In my journeys are always indispensable culinary terms. I eat a lot, but it would not like to taste the dishes which specific regions. The story in Portuguese cuisine is also the story was mentioned several of the day talking about my memoir. Afternoon cruise that day, lunch barely ate us should want to eat early.

That the Portuguese are you sleeping in so late to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner very late. Sometimes I go for dinner had fallen into after your lunch was so very little food available. Portuguese cuisine with very fresh seafood, how to make attractive and always accompanied with delicious wines.

The Portuguese eat more fish in Europe second only to the people of Iceland. The fish market starts early morning with a variety of fish from large too small. Portuguese seafood is considered very good for Atlantic waters in Portugal is very clean. Olive oil is used a lot in the recipes of Portugal from fish stew to soup or simply sprinkle on toast. Portugal had several famous olive oils in the world.

Portuguese cuisine has its character by region; North eat more meat and Southern Mediterranean food. However, the general characteristics of both regions are all cozied eat. This is a traditional stew with ingredients mostly meats. The materials will be shared basement thoroughly before being moved out to eat with some vegetables such as carrots, peas, and boiled cabbage.

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