All You Need To Know About Air Conditioning Filter

All You Need To Know About Air Conditioning Filter

If you have air conditioner at home, you must have known about the importance of it as well as how crucial it is to keep the air conditioning filter clean. It helps to clean the air and supports the other functions of an air conditioner. When it is not working, it can lead to the significant damage to the appliance itself and the overall living condition of your house as well.

If you keen on the importance of an air conditioning filter and want to know more about to clean it properly and maintain its best condition, scroll down to read more about it.

First, let’s study about the important of an air conditioning filter.

Air Conditioning Filter

Like the name suggest, an air conditioning filer help to suck the dirt and pollutants and trap them into its body. When the air from the room goes inside the air conditioner, the air conditioning filter will extract the dirt from the air. And when the air is cool and released back to the room, it is free from pollutants and toxic compounds, making the indoor air cleaner and cleaner.

In addition, an air conditioning filter will support other functions of other parts such as the refrigerant and the ductwork. The air which is now clean will help the refrigerant and ductwork to work much more smoothly.

Living under an area where the air is clean all the time, the temperature is at the right level with no extra noise, you will further maintain your health and well being, be comfortable and healthy all the time.

So what might happen when the air conditioning filter is not working or having a lot of dirt?

In case it is broken or cannot trap in more dirt, it cannot help to suck the pollutants and harmful chemicals from the air. Overtime, these pollutants will still remain in the air, causing health problems to the people living inside the house.

Furthermore, then an air conditioning filter is not cleaned frequently and become dirty, when the cool is blown back into the room, it will also carries dirt and pollutants back, causing more pollution and damages into the air.

In addition, when the air conditioning filter is dirty, it may slow down the working process of other parts in the air conditioner. Later on, it will lead to higher cost of energy and decrease the durability of the air conditioner.

Therefore, it is very important to keep the air conditioning filter clean. You might also wonder next about what you should do to maintain it.

Here are some tips on cleaning and maintaining a good condition of an air conditioning filter:

Replacing Cabin / Air Conditioning Filte

  • Depend on how much you use your air conditioner; you need to replace your disposable air conditioner frequently. In case you use it for about 8 hours per day, you can replace it after 1 or 2 months. And if you use your air conditioner for a longer time than that every day, considering changing it after 2 weeks.
  • In case you have a carbon filter or electronic filter, you need to wash them frequently as well. Ideally, after 3 to 4 months, you need to take the filter out and wash it with detergent and hot water. In case you see mold and mildew start to develop inside the air conditioning filter, you should wash them with a mixture of hot water and vinegar first.
  • You can also wash your air conditioning filter in the washing machine. However, you need to check it washability first.
  • After you finish washing your air conditioning filter, hang it in a sunny and windy place for it to air dry thoroughly and completely. Keep in mind that the air conditioning filter needs to be fully dry before you put it back to the air conditioner. If you fail to do so, the damp filter will become an ideal environment for mold and mildew to develop.
  • When you put the air conditioning filter back to the appliance, remember to fully and perfectly seal it so that there is no unclean air could find the way into and outside the air conditioner without going through the air conditioning filter.

Finally, here is a quick recap of all types of air conditioning filters which are available on the market:

  • Disposable filter: there are 2 main types of disposable filters which are fiberglass disposable filter and pleated fiberglass filter. These types of filters don’t require you to clean them every 1 or 2 months.

They are only suitable for some specific types of brands and models of air conditioner. Therefore, you need to ask for more details in store in case you want to use disposable air conditioning filter.

  • Electronic filter: this filter should only be cleaned after 6 months. It has large surface which can help you to clean a bigger amount of air in a short time.
  • Carbon filter: this filter is suitable for removing pet dander and odor, which is very suitable for home with pets.

Here are some general details about the function of an air conditioning filter as well as its importance and methods to clean it and maintain it properly. As you can see, there are a lot of different types of air conditioning filter on the market. Make sure you consider them carefully and weigh all of their pros and cons before deciding what kind filter you would use for your house.

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