The Joy of Fishing and Pairing Fish with Wine

The Joy Of Fishing And Pairing Fish With Wine

My two hobbies- collecting bottle of wine and fishing

I love collecting various bottles of wine for a long time and store them in one of the top rated wine coolers that I could find on the market. This hobby of mine took place for about 3 to 4 years ago and up until now; I have been able to collecting up to nearly 100 bottles of wine.

Pairing Fish and Wines

  • They are categorized in different types of wine including red; rose and white wine as well some bottles of sparkling wine. I enjoy drinking them as much as I love collecting them. I also enjoy cooking dinner and invite my friends to come over and have dinner with me while drinking wine from my collection.
  • Another hobby that I really like is fishing. And I have to tell you that I spend most of my free time on the boat to catch various types of fishes.
  • For me, fishing time is the time that I can be free and relax. I don’t have to think about anything else but patiently waiting for fishes to come. I also have a great chance to stay away from my laptop and my smart phone and truly enjoy the nature.
  • Beside the joy of staying quiet and focused while I fish, I also love coming back home with some fishes and cook them for dinner. The fishes that I caught are healthy option of protein and they are more organic than other types of fishes you can buy on the supermarket.

Although it will take a long time for me to catch the fish, clean it and preparing it, when I come to eat my fish dish, I enjoy every single moment of the process.

So now you know that both fishing and wine drinking are my hobbies, it is quite a trick to combine them together I have to tell you that.

  • Imagine that you have up to hundreds of bottles of wine inside the wine coolers with various types, flavors and aromas; it will be hard to pick up which one to drink with a certain kind of fish.
  • And the fishes that you are able to catch are also different – they are different in term of red meat or white meat for example.
  • In my opinion, you need to be an expert to know exactly which one will go well with which one. And I have to admit that even though I do combine fish and wine on a regular basis, sometimes I am so overwhelmed by the huge selection that I have and I end up not knowing the right combination at all.

When I ask for advice for the combination of fish and wine that I should try, one of my friends shows me a simple advice that tends to work for her most of the time. The advice goes like that, if you are going to cook white fish, you should use white meat wine.

In case you are about to enjoy pink meat fish, go for rose wine. And of course, if you want to have red meat fish, you should choose one of the red wines. Although this advice seems like it is purely based on the name, it works quite well for me.

7 Wine Styles to Pair With Fish

There are a lot of things that you can consider besides choosing the types of the fish. For example, you need to consider the texture and the taste of the fish as well. If the fish tends to have strong taste, you should go for one kind of wine which is soft to that the wine will have to balance the strong flavor and makes the taste of the fish stand out.

In case of texture of the fishes, here are some examples for your consideration:

  • For lean types of fis
    h, you can go for refreshing types of white wine
  • For medium firm fish, you can choose white wine with a bit of aromas. I once tried my trout fish with a bottle of Chardonnay aged well in oak and this combination is one of the best ones I have tasted so far in my life.
  • With meaty fish, there is nothing better than red wine.

Another important thing that you need to consider in the combination of fish and wine is the sauce you cook your fish with. If the sauce is sweet, you can opt for sweet wine to compliment the dish or a soft wine to make the sauce much more noticeable.

I am glad that you spend your valuable time reading though the article sharing about 2 of my most enjoyable hobbies. I hope that you could be able to find some useful information about fish and wine pairing so that you will have a lot of delicious meals and fine dining experience that you would never forget.

I’m Arthurina Rios, I have worked in the toys industry since 2012. One of my habits is every day I have enjoyed at least a glass of wine, I was particularly fond of red wine. so I began to build my Wine blog to share the passion of wine to everyone.

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