How Choosing A Good Shower Head Would Increase Your Bathroom’S Worth

Every basement remodeler agrees that it is the little things that make the difference. It is nice to install a basement bathroom. Moreover, it pays back 80% for itself when you sell the house. Just by spending another $50, you could have a major difference in how good the remodeled space look. It is a good idea, no?

There are not many ways to turn things for the better with the amount of money spent for the best handheld shower head for your newly built basement bathroom. There are nothing beats enjoying a relaxing and comfortable shower. As your family growing bigger, inside this bathroom may be one of the few private moment that you could treasure before joining with daily busy activities.

In order to help you make the right choice with a handheld shower head, Ultimate Basement Finishing presents this advice:

1) How to choose a handheld shower head

handheld shower headAs permanently fixed shower heads are mounted to the walls, they give a more sleek designer look to a bathroom. However, these shower heads are much harder to repair than handheld models. In the meanwhile, a handheld shower head can also be mounted in the cradle to look as sleek and removed for more convenience in other times. This removable feature can be especially useful when it comes to children and seniors.

Another use of the handheld shower head is to clean the tub, items around the bathroom, or even giving a bath to pets. It is important to pick one with high-quality and durability, as well as a strong hose that will stand up to water pressure without giving out. It must ensure endurance for everyday use as well. If you still want to install a fixed shower head for the basement bathroom, rest assured that you can still install many shower heads in a single bathroom in one or both ends of the showering area.

2) Decide with the flow options

As there are many partialities regarding water flow and pressure, there are as many types of shower heads. In the case that your basement bathroom is inside a house with incredibly low water pressure and you want the water flow to feel relaxing, you should buy a shower head that is able to increase the water volume coming through the shower head. There are even models with higher prices which can alternate the pressure of water from a spraying mist to drops as big as champagne drops (which is also the standard setting). It can also pour out relaxing and massaging flows, or an invigorating jet.

In case what you want the most is to save water, there are low flow shower heads that are able to save half a gallon minutely, which means ten gallons during a shower that lasts 20 minutes. Remember to apply cut off valves to turn off the water while you are lathering up to save more water.

If in your house there is a chance of being burnt by boiling water if there is a flushing toilet or a faucet being turned on, also remember to install an anti-scalding adapter, or a valve that balances out pressure. This equipment costs only $15. It can be installed between the shower arm and the shower head. It would turn off the water automatically if it becomes too hot.

3) Choose a shower head with durability

The price of shower head ranges from $6 to $500. You do not need to spend a mountain of money to find a suitable one. I suggest choosing one in the price range of $30 – $80. It will give you the most value for the money you invested.handheld shower head

Brass shower heads are usually more recommended for a basement bathroom because they are reliable and long-lasting. However, they are also more expensive. Whatever metal you choose for the shower head, make sure the material is easy to maintain and won’t tarnish.

Some plastic models are not resistant to lime build-up. These one make you shower head clogged easily. Actually, whatever the shower head is made off, it will eventually be built up with lime accumulation. When the lime has built up, you will see that the water flow is much slower. If that happens,  wipe the accumulation on the nozzle’send, then soak the shower head in an anti-lime solution, or make a solution of 50% vinegar and 50% water to soak it in.

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